One break then huge step back!

We don’t have a lot of the facts in this life. We only see what’s in front of us at the moment. I believe in a higher power above, all knowing who watches us get angry and hurt at all the things in life we can’t control or that don’t turn out how we planned.

How can we make answers and plans for our life when we don’t even quite understand what journey we need to take? Life is more than the habit, it’s more than waking up and going through the motions. Our bodies may fail us, but our spirit will definitely sustain us. We can’t allow our spirit to weaken and eventually die. We can’t allow hard times, evilness, and darkness to take away our light. One new beginning seems to follow with a few setbacks… Always searching for that one “break” in life.

Things seem to finally be falling into place then here it comes, something happens in life that completely changes us, changes our lives forever. Why? Why? We ask… That is when we need to remember anything that crushes us will be restored stronger, anything that was taken for granted will be refurbished with a greater appreciation. We will finish with a new recognition and that is how we will know the difference. We will see what we couldn’t before and only through a new experience will we see it differently. We will stop judging others because we will be too focused on making right the only person we can truly do that for. We will discover a new self with a presence greater than ever before. This enlightenment was discovered in Proverbs 18:13-16

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