My blood

Having people we love and care for is a blessing, especially during those certain times we need help and support. Specifically during family transitions dealing with all the stressful things life has to offer, like divorce, deaths, family additions, new jobs, health ailments, emotional issues, financial issues, moving; we are each battling our own struggles.  Those who are loyal to us, makes all the daily stresses of life easier to battle because no matter what you know you have each others back. The loyalty, support, and help is not one-sided it is mutual; certain times we need it more other times they may but the dynamic of the relationship isn’t one-sided in a healthy relationship.

There are many who get upset when help is not always available to them because others may have other priorities.

People expect others to play a certain role in their life; and another may not want to play that role. It is unfair that family often creates a label for who we are a long time before we even figured out who we are. If you care for a person you don’t label them under others expectations you learn who they are after living and life has taught them differently. We need to understand, we are our own responsibilty; unless we are a child or disabled.

If we are waiting around for someone to take care of us we will run into nonstop conflict because it isn’t anyone else’s responsibility. In families we grow up in the same house; but as we get older each person makes their own choice some continue education, begin their families, join the military, start working…so many possibilities ~

Who we marry or choose as our life partner should be a priority; especially because that will ultimately guide where and how we will live. We are in control of what kind of life we will live and who we will live it with. 

What we learn, choose to ignore, and the people we associate with all play a huge factor on our daily life. Sometimes family puts “friends” first, friends who have hurt their own family member and we begin to feel that even though we may share some DNA, there isn’t much else commonly shared.

My partner and I have been talking about this a lot lately, sharing with each other our feelings of complete disrespect by those we love, our memories of how things were so right at times and so wrong.

Our feelings of our many obligations in all the various relationships for those people we love so much. We often have spoken about the guilt we share even knowing we are under no obligation to others; especially those who don’t respect and love us back. We are both extremely giving people; and people have and will continue to take advantage of that not even noticing or caring about how we feel.

My Video theme for this blog is fitting perfectly.  My blood that’s you my love

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