God said these are the final instructions…


We are told to respect those who work hard. Everyone in this world has many different jobs, we can spend a single day wearing so many different hats.

During different times in our life, the jobs change as well. One thing is true for each job we have ever had or will ever hold; we have to allow the force to take control that will drive us to show exactly what we are capable of.

There are many “victims” out there, who are waiting for the next person to “save them” or “rescue them” and finish off what needs to be complete but refuse to do it themselves. Don’t waste your life waiting around for another to always do for you. Every relationship takes work, if you can anticipate what is needed for your relationship, work and fulfill it. Many point fingers, many blame, and then wait for things to unravel, disintegrate, and then start begging and pleading for help, do it first, from the beginning, and if you didn’t, start in the middle, just start !!!!

There are people who come into our lives and open our eyes, we see things clearer. Those who warn you are usually looking out for your own good because they love you, like our parents should have. If someone is looking out for you, they are working for you in the highest regard because of love.


Things won’t always be easy, but hard work and dedication keeps people to stay even when things get tough, rough, and sometimes ugly.

And it makes people leave when you realize they don’t !

Most importantly, wake up tomorrow and do it better, how can this be better today; learn from all the mistakes of before. The bible tells us “TEST EVERYTHING. HOLD ON TO THE GOOD. AVOID EVERY KIND OF EVIL

Self Motivation

Life comes with daggers flying at us, we have to stay motivated to be at peace. If people aren’t working on what they complain about urge them too, staying idle is what the world tends to make us do, encourage our loved ones when weak.

And know when to let go !

Find patience! When our day to day life is full of delays, setbacks, and stress it’s easy for us to immediately want it resolved. If someone is working on their own work, and you on yours, that should take some understanding and tolerance vs anger and blame. As much as we would love to be right there where every loved one needs us to be, sometimes we are just all trying to survive.

There are quite a few people who I have loved and cared for who haven’t been very kind or concerned about anything but their own self. Being kind isn’t always easy. One thing is for sure no matter how rough the waters maybe, me and mine will try to keep life joyful, silly, and full of laughter.

I will never stop praying and as always my bible will be near for every answer I’ve needed it has been at my side for years. My life hasn’t been easy and sometimes it still isn’t and it probably won’t ever be, or we’d be in heaven but I’m thankful for now and the circumstance I’m in, for it is God’s will!

1 Thessalonians 5:12


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