Why do we carry this heavy cross

When Jesus already carried it for us?

As I sit here worrying about everything possible I can feel myself drained I go to my bible and am reminded. 

Matthew 6:25
We wake up worrying about tomorrow and the next day, sometimes when all is done we realize we really didn’t have anything to worry about yet we spend our days worrying.  Life gets us, with health, surprises, changes and we need to be prepared for change or making things right but worry will do nothing for us.  God our father tells us not to worry and we as children do not listen.  We make a habit of spending our time worrying about things out of our control.  We can only give our all and when we can’t any longer its time to make a change taking into consideration what is the most important.  Priorities!

We have some basic necessities in life, drink, eat, and shelter when any of those are threatened we can lose our sense because its only with those can we do better. Health ailments take a major toll believe me I have found that out the last few years our body is our sacred temple, if we don’t have that we have to work on that the best we can to be the best we can.  If we have our health, shelter, food, and drink we are able to do anything with time but we can’t allow worry to sicken our mind.

Sad thing is no matter how hard we try and be better we are gonna be where God wants us to be, not where we want!
The place we are is gonna differ a zillion times, and although my whole life I crave consistency and sameness my life is and will always be about the struggle of a climb.  I just pray with time, I get higher and higher and someday all those who love/d me will be able to say she was more than a’ight! 

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