Inhale ~~~

I live or shall I say I have lived in a sleeping bag my whole life. I really haven’t expected or wanted an upgrade, all I have ever wanted is someone to share the air with. You know inhale, exhale, its all the same you can breathe in and feel their spirit. I just need to know what I breathe in is meant for me… The same familiar flow that resonates in the soul… I don’t need space I don’t need more, I just need the same flow…. Knowing we are in the same breath, needing the same element… You let me go like a balloon, watching my helium flow and then I let go…. Cuz I’ve been free too long… Alone and wavering… Solo… I need the embrace that won’t let go… The fix that needs me !!! The hold that won’t let go, set me free… Cuz without me you can’t breathe….

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