Save your energy for those who matter to you, and you to them !

When we are hurt it doesn’t just disappear especially if the wound is deep. Some people cut into us in ways that remind us thoroughly throughout the day how much it hurts. The problem is when we grow up being hurt, specifically by the one who is supposed to protect you, we sometimes become hard as shit! So we grow, put up with a lot of bs, we shouldn’t we deserve more. We learn to accept all the things that numb the pain, and just keep keeping on…

We ain’t stupid, we know when people are shady and we can feel what we don’t deserve and who’s fight isn’t even our own; yet we stay and take it because we believe we still have to. Flip that shhhhtttt! The only way we get back our power is when we stop and doing something about it, ignoring anything is a waste and you deserve the fight you put out ! Don’t settle for less

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