I have a heart ! Don’t get me wrong but when everything you have said was pure bullshit…no, I don’t! And when it’s fucked up enough to mess with family… that’s some SAtAn bullshit there ! It pisses me off to know you’re fed up enough to mess with a family… cuz the world… is really so big! Fk you! Dumb Bish you fucked with me and mine & for what…. let’s see ….. Nothing! You made some feel they dont even have the backs of their family why, cuz you dont have Yours ! I never hated but bish….I hate YOU tonight!

And the dumb ass Bish who buys that shit, that’s how easy you are dumbfk!!!!

Don’t fck with mine I’ll put you in your place!

Go sell your mother fuckin cookies elsewhere dumbass and stop fck up familes!!!

Take note to all: She acts like she’s your friend! Acts like she’d do anything for you, until she “loses it,” for whatever reason. She’s completely 100% fake and you can figure that out on your own…everyone will admit it behind her back too! Just wait…

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