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Easter Sunday~

This year 2020 on Easter, I think it is really important to surround yourself around the people that are for you. People that are “for me”, are those who love and accept me as is; the way I am, not the way they hope for me to be.

We in the world are full of flaws, I think one of the greatest gifts we can find in life is realizing we can always grow and be a better person continuously.

change mind change soul

At the same time, I think it is important for a well being of gratitude to look around at the people in my life and be thankful for the ways they have grown and helped me to grow. Thankful to those who made my life easier for me and those I love. Getting rid of negative energy is extremely important for me and those I love; that means concentrating on the good people that people are doing for me and my loved ones. Our tribe should consist of those who free us from that which kept us in a bind of misery and stagnancy. It seems a little cruel to think that from our very first moment in this world we have been suffering pain; and we will continue to do so. The bible does tell us, it rains on the just and the unjust.

Easter reminds me of HOPE; this is a perfect time when hope comes in to play; we can’t hope for that which we already have. We then initiate our hope! Hope can not really ever be seen therefore we develop a strong faith that contributes to a patience that we will eventually recieve all that we truly desire.


Time tends to take care of itself on its own; we really can only live for the moment. I think it is really important to not allow other people to”rain” or take away any more of my moments; I know I have a tendency to give others that power, specifically when it comes to those I love the most. What a sad situation it is to feel I have to constantly prove to someone else I am doing what I should, I am a good woman, parent, daughter, mother, sister, granddaughter, friend it gets really exhausting living that kind of life. When others don’t trust my choices and know I am never going to take the easy way out; I never have and I never will especially when it comes to those most important to me. I understand others have feelings I have taken those into consideration more than my own, more of the time; but I don’t have to follow anyone else’s strict adherences to how they think I should or when they think I should handle things; because I have been handling them fine. I will always take others expectations into consideration, and I have a good heart and will try my best to make sure everyone important to me feels they are. I also would never make any person feel that they are less of a person because they don’t do everything I expect they should do.

I try not to point out others flaws unless of course, I am defending myself or those I love; but I understand I don’t have any strong power to really change any person’s mind; and I don’t think I would really want to because that wouldn’t seem very genuine if it isn’t coming from what they feel. One of my favorite quotes I often say is, I am not a puppet master, you have to do what you want to do for yourself, and those you love because it is your choice; not because someone is telling you to; including me!

During tough times especially when we are emotional and living with fear I think it is beneficial to surround yourself with people who remind you we are going to be alright; people who strengthen our faith. The people who remind you what you want your home to feel like~


Happiness the people who work together, understand, and make us want to be stronger; they give us strength not deplete it; I shouldn’t interact then have a panic attack afterward! Everyone can act like they are there for another human being by giving them what is easy for them to give at the moment. I would say a person who isn’t struggling financially sacrifice would be smaller than someone who is struggling financially even with that later giving less money. I try to sacrifice an ever-present help when things are hard for me but it doesn’t mean my attempts will be done perfectly and without flaws. I still try to do all I can and my minimum expectation is respect and understanding.

critical peeps

God knows we will forever be in the revamping/healing zone every one of us we have no right to supervise another zone; especially when you don’t know what their individual purpose in this world is.


We can share with one another the things we personally get hurt about; and with time, understanding, work, and effort in the end we will hurt each other less if everyone works hard on it. If you are constantly struggling with an individual that is a dance with the wrong partner; things can get easier but it takes a give and take with both parties involved; not dragging others to form an alliance; that is manipulating. The only person you should be discussing your issue with is the person you have that issue with; it is wrong to make others a part of it when they don’t even understand the dynamics that created that situation, that is a bully mentality.

If anything during this time, we should really be concentrating on those people that mean the most to us that we can’t see; while this is temporary; it may not be. We never know how much time we really have here on this earth. If we miss someone why would we want to create chaos in our world and theirs? We should thank God for every moment we are able to connect with our loved one, we shouldn’t make those we love, feel like they are chained or in a constant state of defense.


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