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how we look at each other

I think it is really easy to think of our eyes as the lamp of the body.  If your eyes are good you will be full of light ~Matthew 6:22 If we are always looking at the bad or negative we will be full of darkness.  I think it would be an awesome practice to focus on the good others bring into your world.  When I think about a documentary I watched on Netflix not too long ago, it is the Trials of Gabriel Fernandez.  I think the part of the movie that stuck with me the most and I will always remember is how terrible his mother treated him, and I am not just saying she was unfair; she literally was a demon to him in the darkest way, and I will always stay heavy-hearted with the fact; weeks after his death his Mother’s Day card to him wanting her love and always holding onto what he saw was the good in his mother  🙁 sat on his desk.

Maybe the only light the little boy had was the hope that he would one day feel worthy of his mother.  It is heart-breaking and I think a lot of us hurt each other due to pride and ego’s.  Some like to act like they don’t give a damn and throw the middle finger up in the air every chance they get.  They throw what they think are “humorous -comments” in a passive-aggressive manner on someone else’s social media page; trying to make a statement about a “person” but then post how they~ don’t spill their dirty laundry on social media.  Then there are those who bow down and try to keep the class and integrity they so want to “throw out the window because people hardly know the truth or full story.”  Putting up with way more than they should because it could get quite ugly with all lowering themselves down to the same level.  At what price do you pay?  Is it worth it?


The problem is everyone wants to be bigger and better than the other.  For example everyone wants everyone’s own team to win.  When Rico and I met he was a die-hard Chicago Bears fan and I was a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan.  Don’t get me wrong we love to be competitive and have fun with one another.


But what it really boils down to is after living in houses that were divided we want our home to be united; no matter what it takes; we will learn to always be on each other’s side, cheer for each other above anything else.

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Everything else will come, go, and change but in the end we only have each other.

We will always side with being the bigger fan for those we love #teamtreasure.  I am grateful for those who work hard for me; in whatever capacity they can; even if it’s just being a friend checking up on me, my children who give me so much meaning, my partner who I can count on every day to get up without fail, working hard for our family, paying our bills, and still with everything going on; comes home in such a loving mood and ready to spoil me.  Thankful to those who I open up to which is very few; but those who listen to me and help me deal with the poisonous issues going on in my personal world; especially my oldest daughter who always lifts me up with just a few words.  Thank you my long time friend John & Eloisa Flores for always keeping us in your heart.   I am thankful for my bible that has kept me as sane as possible for so many years reminding me that I am always capable of change and becoming better.  I am thankful for all the other crazy people in the world who remind me to keep always working on my own mental health.  I am thankful for my sidekick Rico who always keeps my heart light and gives me that feeling to relax and have fun.  I love how you make me feel everything is taken care of or will be.  Thank you for making me feel needed as well and always reminding me how well I am taking care of everything.  Thank you for making me remember how desirable, good, and worthy I am.  Thank you for reminding me to pray every morning; and listening while I read scripture from the bible; those after discussions are my favorite.  I know we love to act silly but nothing about us is an act, we are so real we see the great and not so great parts of each other; and still only see greatness.  I am blessed and sometimes I have to remember that.




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