A wooden Cabinet~

We moved into a new house, and it is just for a bit; while we plan where we are going next… but our new home didn’t have room for all of we have acquired over the years. It has taken a while to adjust to make it even feel like home, but after almost a year; we are beginning to feel it should.

Today I brought in my Aunt and Uncle’s china cabinet; my uncle gave it to me not too long ago. I put inside all my most sacred possessions, my bible, my saints, angels, elephants for good luck from my grandmother’s collection throughout the years, and momento’s of those who I love or have passed. I can’t believe how beautiful and wonderful it feels; to have something so special and sacred to me in my home.I wonder about my aunt, Tia we called her. She was so sweet, special and loving and my uncle Leo who was her rock. I remember the days spending my time in their home, and watching their love; between them both wondering if one day I would find someone to love just like that. I look at the cabinet and the power that it brings is amazing; I wonder what was it that made them pick this piece; was it given to them, or how it came into their home. I can feel my aunt’s spirit when I am near it; and I know she is still around; somewhere; far away from what we know. I am so blessed I have this piece of furniture; where memories, hopes, and dreams were conceived. Time -passes and people come and then they go, but they leave something an entry of them in all they loved; and in all they held and adored. My Tia, died a few days after my birthday and today I feel her spirit still lives on more than ever. I love you Elda and Leo Gomez.

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