Grass Burrs

Years ago, I had a friend who had a favorite shirt, the person wore that shirt all the time, and it was made of a soft fabric, almost like the soft side of Velcro. One day my friend came over and began helping me move some stuff in my backyard in the evening. When we went inside it was completely covered in little tiny burrs that were covering almost the entire shirt.

I felt so bad, and exclaimed, “oh my gosh your favorite shirt, I am so sorry! “ My friend looked sad and said it was OK, I gave em an old shirt and he took it off and said just throw it away I got many years of happiness from it already. The next few weeks I meticulously picked every Burr off the shirt during sedentary times of my day. When I was almost done I felt rather stupid, for wasting so much time on removing burrs from a shirt. I laughed and gave my friend his favorite shirt back and explained, “I worked some magic.” My friend literally began crying and said he couldn’t believe I did that for him. Sometimes I do little things to show my love, and I learned that from my Grandma Mira, the little things really are the greatest things!

Do something “little” for someone you love and feel how huge the love feels!

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