The Hammock

My hammock! It was always my retreat. When I didn’t want to go back inside and deal with the soul that brought me down way down to a level that depletes me. The night sky, not too dark but sometimes dark enough. What I loved the most was the netting that held me so tight when all I needed was to be held. The darkness from all of the day, and finally we all had enough and just retreated to where we could because obviously we weren’t connected we weren’t friends! I loved my hammock to get away from you !

The night breeze waving my body in mid air, never really cold, because nothing was colder than being inside. I was so young, so small and the wind would rock me to sleep until I found peace, peace enough to go back inside where I knew I had to sleep. Then I’d fall deep into my dream where I’d wake after feeling you kiss me in my sleep, tell me how much you loved me with fragrances of alcohol to stain me deep. As you walked away, I always felt the tear slowly fall down my cheek, as it stung so deep because it was never what I needed.

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