Who holds the key?

Sometimes, our biggest dilemma is taking control of our life. It sounds pretty easy, until we make decisions and we realize how many others actually play a huge part in controlling our life. The thing is, we can act like we don’t care, but in actuality we do, because it is usually those people we care the most about who want to steer us into their own direction. People have ideas of what road we need to take to get to where they think we need to get to.

All I know is that I feel I have been fighting through a desert since I was born, but I know along the way I have meticulously transformed everything into something even greater. The great thing is we are not our past, we can have a transformation of renewal numerous times on this earth. The truth is we have to pay our dues here on earth and or we have a task to complete here before we are able to reach to eternity.

While we are here, how do we learn to turn everything into a greater meaning, how do we not waste our time and energy? How do we make sure we don’t waste away and allow others to stop our wilting. How do we start from a new place we have never been, with new grounds we don’t know and bloom? How do we make our desert into a Garden of Eden or something quite similar?

I want chivalry to still exist and be true. How do we find honor when no one seems to respect their own self or those they love. How do we get respect when we can’t even respect others because they have no honor. What happens when you are brought up with values but the rest of the world has none. Every media link reminds us that values do not exist, every selfish person who only fends for their own selfish needs. What if you hold value in your heart but it isn’t reciprocated. How do you make sense of allowing it into your own life when you know better, but really half of the time is it really about putting up with the least of the worst?

Where is all the integrity when people do what is right because they believe they have the integrity to the person they want to be. Decisions are made from the person because that is the kind of person they strive to be, and not to be because they don’t want to get caught or out of fear.

The only way to truly protect another is when you completely respect them.

Each day, begin with self-awareness, that means to live like the person you want to be, live like the person you want to be by your side. We really do manifest our own destiny. What I have learned so far is that my main purpose is to find my place in this world, and the only way that is going to happen is when I rule over my place that is right! It may not be right for anyone else, or even make sense to me but I have to trust my calling. God will bring to the conscious what it is we must know, and that we have to trust, fight hard for our journey and no matter how long it takes or where it goes.

Happiness is of the utmost importance to me; I am aware it exists I have seen glimpses of it time and time before, and recently more than ever. I never fear being an open book, and I really could care less what another decides about my life; as long as it brings me and others the truth or enlightenment. Life may not be peachy all the time, but I won’t pretend it is, and I respect people who don’t act like it is. If it is not ok, I don’t want anyone to act like it is, that is a lie. I don’t appreciate lies and I don’t respect fakeness, and that is one thing I hold strongly to, and I may not always agree with it; because believe me it isn’t easy especially when I don’t like the fact I feel disrespected by those I try hard not to disrespect, but hey I still have to respect the fact they are being truthful.

If you feel a relentless nightmare, you may have undigested thoughts that need to be worked out; and no matter how dark if you want them to end, face it. Getting rid of the darkness is the only way to get to see the light. Don’t wait to the moment when you one day, wake up and are shocked by all the darkness. Don’t suppress your thoughts and feelings even if it means someone else will be hurt, or it will be a neverending roller coaster of the same chasing of your tail.

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