Take a look at the contradictions, I bet you have nightmares :(

So many of us have been having nightmares or unable to sleep and we wonder why it is so hard to get a good night rest. We feel tired during the day, and know our bodies and brain need more sleep. As easy as it may seem to just simply, go to sleep; it isn’t.

Resting isn’t always easy when we hold onto so many thoughts we try to forget, get rid of, or maybe just try to understand; even when we are tired, sometimes our mind continues the race. Something about the dark forces us to begin to think when we’ve kept our brain focused and busy on worldly cue’s throughout our day. We begin to think about all the things we need to do something about, and then meticously design a new day of getting it done.

We may even begin to let our fears creep in, remembering when we felt a certain way before, we may begin to worry about things we shouldn’t even worry about.

When you have been through a lot it is very easy to get entagled with all your mental glimpes of all the places you have ever been in the past and don’t want to ever go again. You begin to think about all the ways this chosen path is becoming to look rather terrifying because this doesn’t look familiar at all, even if it’s a good thing.

We fear because it looks unfamiliar, which make us to fear it isn’t something that should/n’t be, our mind really does this… and we would rather go to familiar uncomfortables then unfamiliar comfortables. Repeating patterns here~~~~

Hold on to anything that makes you feel good. everything that brings glimpses of light around you, or a lightness and easy feeling; hold tight. Don’t let it go.

Let your pass inspire you, and use your knowledge and wisdom of the path to be your dagers you fight with. Don’t rush things! It is something I learned lately, take as long as you need; it will happen when it is supposed to happen and not a minute sooner.

Let every thought puff away from you in a cloud of black; and replace with what gives you light; and keep doing it and feel yourself, be aware of your body relax. Don’t EVER close your YES to the TRUTH! No matter who bad it may make you feel; don’t make it become a cycle; face it and get it today.

YOU will feel the weight of your world lifted and you will release! I think it is also extremely important to open up your mind and heart to new truth’s that will definitely feed the heart with love; authenticity is beautiful!!!! Feelings of blessings will emerge, and beauty will fill your soul; how can it not; nothing can quite beat the feeling of really being authentic to your inner self.

Remember the difference between isolated issues and patterns, allow your insight but still leave room for growth.

Fight your beast, be resilient, be strong… don’t cement the beast to live a life in your dreams at night.

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