Dancing with Contradictions

Probably one of my best qualities is my high energy; and I have noticed when I am not feeling like myself I can actually feel a depletion of energy. I love to feel my spirit living large. I feel like everything is a celebration and sometimes It makes me sad when people make me feel like I am insane for feeling that. I just know more than anything I want to dance through life, laugh, and feel joy. Every new interaction is a new opportunity to blossom and grow from others; and sometimes that is scary to those who don’t quite keep that energy in effect.

Sometimes we keep ourselves around people who keep us feeling small or hushed and it doesn’t take long to feel yourself getting lost in the world.

In a way, some people are so caring and considerate to others they downplay who they are for the comfort of others and sometimes that is ok in certain situations; but people we love and who love us shouldn’t stop our vibe for too long.

It is like a breath of fresh air when you find a spirit who is similar, and your energy bounces off each other like no body’s business 😉 The simple fact is as long as we stay true to who we are, what our spirit entails, the more we will flower and shine. It is ok for the stakes to be high, raise them, raise them up, I am ready!

How will you ever enjoy all you are meant to be if you are not connected inside. I don’t care who thinks what of me, because if it isn’t the truth and it isn’t authentic, it is lying. We can never be happy in a lie.

I am not stuck in my ways, I will always compromise, but I will never compromise my authenticity.

I have a strong sense of identity and yes; I change my mind as well but I know where my safety net is, I know how to protect and take care of me and mine.

I am working hard right now, working on making my contradictions dance into a strange entanglement. I can’t forget who I am, I am not fearful, I am not angry! WE have to get rid of some of those ugly inner roots that are holding back the rest of the plant or it will never thrive.

Whatever it is you want, hold it and get it; don’t let it go you really can do anything you put your mind to.

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