It is time, don’t be afraid.

When someone comes around and you are full of fear, it is easy to believe everything they say as the truth, because in reality, you are just looking for the truth, a truth.

What is important to know is that people come in, leave our lives numerous times; but what is the actual truth is no one comes to bring us the truth; they can be there to help find it, they can come to help us grow and realize all the stuff we needed to a long time ago, and they can come and help us with the direction, the change that we want to take is up to everyone willing to stay and learn. The other part is every path we take is a port to transform into who we need to transform into, and who we are meant to transform into.

The whole path seems to be a neverending hunt to the next level, but you have to be aware, you have to be aware of what needs to stay and what needs to leave. Leave all the anger and all the hurt, just leave it! ONCE and for all!!!! When will we be awake, what will finally make us wake up, for the change?

Sometimes we are in place where it seems like it is there the absolute end, there is just no other place to go from where we have been brought to in this life, then all of a sudden all the noise finally gets quiet; and we don’t hear the noise anymore; and we realize it is definitely not the end, it is just the beginning.

There are sudden moments of bliss in our life, and everything seems to disappear, all our worries because something huge and great took our mind off of everything; but then the newness settles and you realize underneath all the greatness, the darkness still exists. It is so easy to get captivated for a while; and it seems all the sadness is gone. The sadness sometimes is gone for a long while; but then it comes out in moments you least expect it, and then you wonder is the awfulness ever really gone?

Everything has to be faced, whether we like it or not, and if we don’t face it, it will reinvent inself in a zillion ways, to finally be faced.

How wonderful is it to know we can take all our aggression and turn it into the greatest fight of our life, to turn everything life give us and renogotiate it into a positive.

How can we change anything into something else doing the same damn thing, that is impossible!

We can have a whole life of sadness and let downs beginning with our first breath, and realize that in this life… loss is inevitable. What do we do, hold on harder; or just learn to let go of everything because holding on is pretty painful especially when it is meant to go… Do we actually kill things before they are dead? Is it safer to hold onto nothing; because in reality mutual involvment is what it all comes down to; and we have no control over anyone other than our own self.

Hope is a beautiful thing, it comes in riding strong like a soldier ready to save, riding strong on it’s strong horse; with the illusion of crowning us because it is all we really wanted all along; that loving validation.

I think the greatest part of dying is being reborn again, feeling alive, and knowing you are still not just in the fight; but standing up stronger than ever because that last bout didn’t take you, even though you thought it did.

Time to get up, time for the sunrise; and the new sunset.

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