Happy Birthday Tim!

Growing up with a bunch of difficulties is tough, but I will tell you what… having a friend by your side who makes you forget all the shit cards continuously being handed to you is a blessing one cannot notice.  My friend, Tim has always been a blessing to me, even throughout the uncertainties, we never were able to be certain about much but what we were certain about was our friendship that gave each other a much-needed peace.

Today is my friends birthday and I want Tim to know how special he is to me.  How blessed I feel about how we have both stayed dedicated to staying in each other’s life; especially during hard times, struggles, and so many changes and adjustments.  What I do know is that our friendship has been one of the greatest successes of my life, even during our moments of busy lives.   It is amazing to know someone with your whole heart, and back from a time and place when we really didn’t know who we wanted to be, but we knew who we were and that is what mattered.

It is funny when I think about all the places we have been both dependently and independently; and no matter how different or out of scheme things seemed we were still there to always support each other, and even after.

I don’t quite understand how these type of larger than life friendships develop over so much time, but I wouldn’t change it if I could, and I really wish I could bottle this shit up… and we’d both be set for life, but hey maybe we already are.

I think most people could vouch for the truth, of, your effort you give for those you hold dear in your spirited soul.  Thank you for expending so much of that loving energy in me.  I am very grateful over the last few crazy years I have been able to spend more and more time with you, this year alone has been groundbreaking; thank Covid~ who knows, thank life~ showing us the real truth about so much, who knows; all I know is I feel thankful.  I look forward to making new memories with you and your wonderful tribe, who know are mine.   I love you dude!!!!   I wish we could wrestle like we use to, lol but we are so fuckin old and it will take MONTHS to recover 😉 Happy birthday!!!

~ Mitch, Madonna, Michele

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