Something great is about to happen, and I am ready to take it on! I can feel the great energy around me, inside me, and all throughout me! The best part is, I know at this very moment what I have to keep, and what I don’t, we all do… the real issue is with dealing with it and facing it. It feels great to know that I have so many options, I am not stuck, we are never stuck but we need to know that, and take control.

It is so great when you get to the point that is past infatuation when you see the truth of everything, and yet even after all the excitement, the newness, there are people or a person that is there who still is worthy of continuing on with. It is great when you feel like Alice in Wonderland, but it is even greater when you fall down that hole, enter the world of madness, and still have some of those you love that are fighting strong with you and/or for you.

No matter how beautiful things may seem, it isn’t always.

You have to get strong, understand, forgive, and decide to keep on understanding even when you think that you can’t. You continue on because you know it is really something oh so worth continuing on for. The real one’s always walk through the shadows with you, and if they don’t, you know that isn’t your tribe.

The reality of things is, everything has a double meaning and I am finally just starting to understand that. The one that makes us feel oh so powerful and great like Oz, also gives us the feeling of the greatest isolation and loneliness.

A very important issue is we have to continue to understand what is hidden and what is in disguise because we unknowingly make our own reality; and with past luggage, we don’t need that reality becoming any part of what was. The thing is what was, or what we wanted is not what shall be or what should be, we always need to reevaluate. What we wanted in the past, is not sometimes what our future needs, and we know all the times we realized, “Thank God for unanswered prayers!” when we realize they were so wrong for who we are. How about all the time we spent trying to make a dumb wish become a reality when all it ever was, was just that; a stupid wish. How about all the new wishes and dreams that we know have, that were never a thought in our world. How about all the new experiences in life, that changed your mind; really changed your mind to all those things you would no longer believe and all those things that you would now start to believe.

My personal problem is when we have been hurt in the past, it is very easy to inhale that same smoke that follows us in the cloud above.

We can’t ever stop ourselves from dreaming and moving but I do know that the ultimate goal is finding all those things that presently serve you and those you love. What is important is finding all those things, that bring you happiness today. The truth is, getting to that moment where we are happy and want nothing more. It doesn’t matter what else you get, what else you find, if you aren’t happy with what you have known, or know you may never be… SETTLE THAT!

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