Need’s, they are all so different ~ on the daily

Give and Take, Take it or Leave it~

We all have needs, and we all deserve the same to have our needs met. We also forget all the talents we possess to acquire everything we need. So many of us are waiting for those moments when our needs are met, and for that person to come and meet those needs. God has given us all talents; some people use those talents on occasion, but God didn’t give us those talents or that gift to use on occasion. God gave us our gifts to use frequently for our own benefit, and for the benefit of others who need what we have to offer.

It is so hard lately to think about others when so many of us are scrambling around trying to make it on our own. When our own needs are being met, it is really hard at times to think about anyone else’s needs.

The funny thing is when someone does me wrong, I have a tendency to boot them out of my existence. Who has time for all that, I have to protect myself is the mentality I begin to develop? The funny thing is the more we give what we want, the more it is manifested into our own lives and the more our needs are awakened and fulfilled. It really is a win/win for all involved. This is how we transform our needs into action, and the plain truth of it will always be, we will only receive, what we give away to another.

At this very moment, what is it that you truly wish for, what is it that is going to leave you satisfied and fulfilled. My personal issue is when I am hurt or working on forgiveness I hold back my love and understanding and prevent what I need out of fear. It is almost second nature that when I don’t trust someone, every situation is full of severe hostility. There are a lot of people who hold grudges for days, years, a lifetime, how is that working for you. I am not saying it is easy to understand and forgive; or that you should keep toxic people around and become a doormat.

I am talking about using this very moment to make a conscious choice to make a decision for change that will only add value to your life. It is not our job to change people, if people change due to us opening their hearts that is their choice; all the negativity will eventually work itself out when you are working through love.

What is super important is that we surround ourselves around those who remind us what our strengths are when we forget. Our tribe supports are weakness’s but never points them out to judge. We need those who wake up the strength in us, we need people who make us feel stronger, not weaker. We need guides people who are intelligent to share their own experiences with us, those who aren’t afraid to share their stories with you, because you matter. We need people to remind us our past is nothing to be ashamed of, it made us into who we are today. Our dilemmas gives another an opportunity to empathize.

God, the earth will always give us enough; and the more we give the more we will be replenished. The day’s energy should be, facing my own weaknesses, never looking at the weakness in others. Take those fears and weigh them appropriately. Which are sensible fears, which ones do we think are really important to keep based on the reality of them taking true fruition?

Find joy in all the things you do, and you will never feel another wasted day.

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