What is acceptable and what is not, just a ramble~

Growth is a beautiful thing, the difficult part about growth though is that sometimes we have to experience punches we really don’t want to.  There are experiences that make us feel so alive, but then there are those that completely take our breath away.  Life is all about constant change while all the while remaining true to who you really are at all times.

Where will we be, at a cozy small hidden spot deep in the forest, or will we be in a huge castle everyone wants to tour.  I love to radiate like the sun, but it is so cozy to feel so safe in your very own special space.

If we want a huge attraction, we gotta keep doing those huge kind of things, if we want a big forest fire, we have to feed it with all we have that feeds the fire.  It is all about instincts, we know what we create, and what shall come from what we feed.  We know when we want adventure and when we are just wanting to retreat.  Things in our life drive us, make our heartthrob, and our blood pulsate, but sometimes it all becomes too much.

Only each of us truly know when we have had enough, or when we want to have so much more. The other part of it is, we really need to take notice of all the time we spend doing the same thing over and over again.  Sometimes in order to get to the next level we have to let go of some stuff we hold a tight grip to,  those painful parts that we deep down inside know is truly holding us back.

In a way, we must admit when we choose NO REACTION, we are preventing something from happening that truly needs to happen or is a part of the destiny.  When you realize this, and begin reaction, guess what is going to come, ACTION.

We are so, molded by God our father, our own family, and the earth… what has given us, where are we now, where have we been, and where it is we will go.  

I have been so attracted to my crystals lately, when I look into them I remember how light reflects into our own individual perceptions, and has a complete power effect on our own radiation throughout our soul. I feel there is not a lot that quite radiates as beautiful as a crystal in view or a crystal pyramid being held in your hands; well besides wearing the jewel on yourself all day long being able to feel its energy while the long gaze sets it in.

We need to root ourselves, right where we want to be planted, our problem is finding out the truth about all that.

Who do you want in your garden, and which weeds are totally killin it~

The difficult thing is realizing this whole life is really just a trial by destruction and throughout obstacles; who do we want by our side to help us fight through the rumble and who do we need to really leave behind in order for us to level up.  We need those things in our life, or those who light our fire, make us want to fly and make us want to fight through.  We need someone as strong as us, or stronger so we can gain strength; and yes sometimes that is found being alone.  We need to find out if that is the path we need to take.  I know I don’t enjoy being alone, one of my friends joked with me that I’ve been single for 15 minutes, and you know what that is true.  I know what I like and I like someone to play with all the time, I need someone I can cry with, and who makes me crazy because I realize it is not all about me.  Then on the days I feel it is nothing about me at all, there is that someone who wakes me up and reminds me I’m everything.

Just another babble …. I hope you enjoy and thanks for thinking with me !



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