Today’s thoughts about yesterday!

My favorite part of each day is the first breath of renewal I get from the day before. The truth that I don’t have to hold on to anything toxic that yesterday caused me to feel.

The way we can learn from yesterday’s wisdom and can have a new opportunity to make it work today. We decide what we will use for positive growth or simply ignore.

Each day, we may begin with a light, a beautiful little light we hold, but then throughout the day; life, people, world happens and that little light doesn’t shine so bright, and sometimes it just goes completely out. We have people we love, things we love that bring back the warmth; keep more of that around. We bring in our own worth, by allowing all the people who love us interactions that make us feel so worthy. We create love in others when life is so full of ice hearts, angry and bitter spirits. We know what we hold dear to our heart, and so does everyone else, we need to hold onto those with so much conviction because it seems lately the world was made to split us apart.

If we want to know where it really all is at, where it begins and where it all will end, where all the answers are, we only need to close our physical eyes and our spiritual eyes will open and things will be clearer. We aren’t just born once, we are born again and again; there are a zillion things we do or have done that could kill us; and sometimes we die again and again. I can’t wait for that one moment when I am birthed again, with so much better knowledge, so strong in mind, and mentally I am not a misfit; but an enlightened being who won’t be on a defense. Born with determination to get me through again and again; OH wait I still do that! My spontaneous heart will be a little more disciplined and create better habits for me and ultimately you.

I would learn to love God more a lot earlier; I would respect him and acknowledge his presence in the daily and not just the pains. I would continue to see all sides of situations and continue to be nonjudgmental because every has a right to feel. I think everyone needs to find that joy again, that childhood joy from simply existence. WE are so busy blaming, hating, and discouraging.

I know my life hasn’t been easy but what life has handed me in the past is over and done with; I can’t blame the world. I only have today, I can use what I learned and make it better in my own creative way, but fighting and finding fault and blame will solve nothing but keep me down or bring me down further. Life isn’t fair, and still today in so many ways I get the short end of the stick but I can’t sit back and whine; I can drink wine but whining is not anything I’d like to bring to life in me, I am not a punk a$$.

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