Happy Truckers Appreciation Week!

This week is National Truckers appreciation week!  I’d like to give some appreciation to my favorite trucker, Rico.

After receiving his degree at Texas State University / Southwest Texas Rico would decide to follow his own instincts and spend 6 years driving a truck delivering essential beverages for Miller Lite, then he would depart to spend the next several years at Ben E. Keith, where he will soon be celebrating his 18th year with the company.

I really wish I would have been part of his journey years ago, but for the last few years, I have been blessed to not only witness how hard of a worker he is, but also to learn an appreciation for truck drivers in general.  During the pandemic, he has unified with other truckers to assure that essentials were delivered, while dealing with new everchanging protocol and abundance of fears.

I really admire how you never complain about the thousands of pounds of groceries you deliver every day, you take your sacrifices and use them to make you happy knowing you are able to provide for those you love.

Some mornings are difficult, especially with all the years you have physically put in, but you are sincerely are the strongest man I have ever known.  Thank you for not making excuses, thank you for continuing on when the road seems so long still.  Thank you for keeping the focus on all the goals we discuss, and always reminding me how you want to make all my dreams come true.  In just the last few years, we have taken it one day at a time, and I truly trust you are capable of giving us what we hold so dear to our hearts.  While I focus so much on the inner happenings, you keep a strong focus on the outer works, which is a perfect collaboration.

I know you have been doing this job for years, but with me by your side; I can only hope I have brought a rejuvenated newness to all that you do.  We are older now and wiser than we were in high school at Lee, but you bring so much color to my life, I feel new and unsoiled.  Thank you for always reminding me of all the beauty even when the world gives us so much garbage.


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