Don’t stay stuck in stagnant waters

We are born a small infant who sometimes from the beginning seems to have to learn to wait all day for that physical and emotional contact only to be ignored and treated like your nonexistent. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh

We want something different as soon as humanely possible…

I think about the things I do all the time, and all the things I have done in the past, and I try to make sure I am aware and keep constant the shit that works and change the shit that just never did.

We don’t have a lot of time in this life to interact with another, life is just seriously too busy.

We do have to make sure during the limited interactions those we love and interact with know and feel it; the moment is not always about “us.”

Do you feel special?

Oh yeah, I am, I am specially made to be whoever I have to be to make you feel good, to make you feel better after your day, I am here to make you feel strong enough to get through the next day.

When is it about me?

Sometimes we put up with a lot of shit when we have blinders on, but it gets to that point where we refuse to keep the blinder on… we see everything with the mind’s eye… and that is towards the end of a chapter where the important issues are always visible.

Our soul and our intellect finally meet and it’s amazing, we decide what we want to deal with ‘a lot less of , and what we have repeatedly been dealt with. The air is cleared in our head, we are ready to explore what it truly is we deserve, all those things we truly we need. Things are no longer a one-way street where we believe if we meet the needs of another, ours will be reciprocated.

Fk the fantasy we have always imagined, we can use our imagination to make our reality a dream, but the gray may come from another source outside of what you bring, the blockage is not within it is at the surface. Don’t use your physical sense or eyes to see the truth, how does it feel inside… that is the truth.

Blindfolds are great at times because you don’t focus on those things that we or someone else wants us to see.

When we are knocked down, it seems we stop running ahead as if we are injured. And sometimes, when we are injured, our behavior is off because of our injury, we are in another place and we can’t immediately move forward.

Sometimes in order to understand how we are going to move forward, we can truly only see that by staying back and taking notice.

When we feel like we are not consciously living, when we feel like we are just in a mode of survival, is that really living at all?

We basically learn to live by moving, keep moving; we don’t want to settle down, even though that is our goal, we refuse, we need to move in all directions it feels safer, in every and any direction it just feels better. Just because it is the way we have always done it, it doesn’t mean it is the way! We could have been doing it wrong all our lives; especially if we feel the doubts are always there.

I have never felt very feminine, I have always felt more masculine, I have felt like the master who needs to fight strong against all the forces life offers me; extremely curious but blessed with strong intellect to give me answers others will always seem to be seeking.

Then at times, I feel weak, left behind always looking for the new; but always facing the same that always ends the same. I want to feel well on my way, but sometimes It always seems too high. I long for the day we go there; let’s not linger, I don’t want to not continuously want to reach that point. Help me feel my confidence and remind me we are definitely on the way.

I want a love so radical, all they want to do is love me and allow me to focus on my powers where I will reach full success. The one on my side who will not hide behind lies, but be proud of the truth…. for we together can see our potential. I will accept more love, I will laugh more, and feel joy and not fear… but are you ready for that too?

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