I got you too babe

It has been a super long time that I have been doing things alone; when I say alone I am talking about not worrying about myself and my kids; and others.  A few years ago my family told me I needed to find someone who would take care of me just the same as I take care of those I love.  A person who will lessen my load, and maybe take some weight of the heaviness off my shoulder.  I would climb mountains for those I love, but I never really expected anyone to pull me up when I was tired, or just boost me to an even greater place.  A few years ago I entered into a new relationship, very different than I had experienced and it is amazing what you can accomplish when you leave the destructible behind.

It hasn’t been all cotton candy and candied appled paths, we have definitely had our struggles picking up all the broken pieces we brought with us; and trying to tie all loose ends that were never tied but always frazzled waving in the wind.  How amazing it is, however, to think you see finish a line; and when you get there you aren’t quickly taken miles back; how wonderful it is when you see a finish line; you notice that isn’t quite in view, but damn the path taken was well worth the journey.

It feels so great to drop things because he says, “he has it,”  and you actually know he does and you aren’t full of fear it won’t be ignored.  It really makes you feel things and make you realize how alone you were for way too long doing it all on your own.  He takes so much of it on, and it allows me to do all the things I have needed to do for me, for way too long.  Grateful for my partner, Rico for giving me time to do what I want just because I deserve it, and always back up my ideas with no criticism.  Finding everything I have in you, your spirit that dances with mine frequently is more than comforting; it has made me realize I can breathe, I can finally breathe.  I know we both work hard in our own weight, but nothing is as wonderful is being able to collapse into each other and know it’s all for us.  You are my vacation!

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