Invisible strings, fishing poles, and myself

It seems like the world is arguing so much right now about anything and everything.  I have kept my social media Facebook platform so far, but with a bad taste in my mouth I hold on~  I don’t understand why everyone feels the necessity to blame another or think that anyone else is responsible for your personal heartache.

It isn’t easy feeling good all the time, and for plenty of us, it is a struggle much of the time.  I believe that we are worth it, though I believe we all deserve to get to that point where we are just so sick of feeling like crap.  I know this personally, I have spent a lifetime trying to learn to feel good. Sometimes it is the daily reminders of waking up and feeling grateful, even when you wake up frustrated, sad, hurt, or lonely we have to look for those blessings to count because it makes a difference when we do.  How can you allow others to love you when you are too busy fearing how they are going to hurt you just because someone else did.

The only things we get in life, are those things that we are committed to working for; and I think working to make yourself feel better should be a priority.  How can we really care for anyone else if we don’t love our self?  Self-development is one of the most important things in my life; because everything I put out from a strong foundation will be that much greater.

Sometimes we have to shut out the world, and just get to know our own self; stop the reading, stop the believing, stop the scrolling, and just get to know you.  I really love to fish, because all I see in the sky, the water, my pole, I may not get a bite, it may not be about the fish at all… it’s about me understanding who I am, and being quiet for just a moment.

It is even sweeter when you find someone who does the same right next to you; how strangely you are so disconnected from everything; but remain connected by an invisible string.


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