Broken phones, hearts, trust, ~

Sometimes we stop everything to just be there for everyone else, but we all have that moment when we know it is time to get back out there, get into that mix and do our own self! Taking care of things for everyone else can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness when you ignore your own needs and stop doing the things that make you personally feel magnificent.

The past several years has really been about losing everything I ever hold onto, and it makes me really sad when I think about how little by little I lost all parts of me, and all parts of the only things I had left close to the end.  There are so many items in life that we hold onto and cherish, what happens when you finally realize you lost everything dear to you, materialistically speaking.  It is really a hard pill to swallow and while it does get to that point where you finally realize it is all gone, and you are not going to get it back; that is when you know, to overcome this the only thing left to do is begin to rebuild.  It is amazing how the things you re-acquire become so monumental and along with them comes along the fear of eventually losing what you hold again.  Sadly, there are times that you do lose things again; and it stings great but it is a strong reminder how nothing in this life is really permanent.  It isn’t a good feeling when your whole life you have been searching for the constant.

I think what is really important is taking the time to just be sad, taking the time to realize that the more you look for the constant, the more you will realize it just isn’t here in this moment.

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