Keep the Focus

There is still so much left to do, I think I lied to myself when I was young and told myself that I would have everything figured out by a certain age. All of the ages after my own seemed so old way back then… LOL

I find myself at that age time and time again, and realize each time that I’m still trying to figure out life. It seems I am forever starting over and are destined to be on a completely different path this time around.

It is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can feel overwhelming at times, I know more times than not I have been upset with myself for not figuring things out sooner rather than later.

Precious Time !

People love to act like they are doing everything ahead of schedule, and sometimes later, people will realize that is not what they should have been doing at all. I know I’d like time back.

My best advice is do not judge another and be supportive to others in a loving understanding way, and if you cannot at least stay in your own lane.

Staying positive in life is not always easy, sometimes we gravitate to those people we truly need, some people leave for while and some forever.

We may feel a pull to new people or old friends, and I think that is God telling us it is where we need to be if it gives us peace.

During my life there has been plenty of times I truly did not know where to turn, yet I trusted my path and more time it has lead me to those who will help me get through onto the next path.

I know who my people are, these are the people when I am around them, do not drain me, they do not try to make me into something I am not. The people who are my people give me strength to keep going, they will not allow me to drown, even if it is just with a positive lift during difficult times.

I need to learn to stand up for what I believe, not the beliefs someone said I should believe, but the beliefs I hold near and dear to my heart.
It is hard to not be overly defensive when under constant attack by certain targets, I know I must remember that I have gotten this far, and I will NOT give up on anything worth it easily. When people are overworked and have a lot on their plate, it is hard to see things as they truly are, sometimes our emotions get the better of us; that is when people need their space; and I can respect that.

I would never want to be pain to anyone I love.

Sometimes we need a break, a get a way from the world, time a way to put down the defenses we hold every day. It is important to take the time away to just heal from everything with little distraction. Just remember what is your focus!

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