Words for my 16 year old son

A Letter to my son,

     It has been a while since I have written to you in my Sunday’s Sonshine ~~~

So it is about time I put in an entry; my blogs have been few these days’ so many changes going on in our lives.

I will tell you one thing my son you bring such a healthy attribute to our family with how laid back and grounded you are.  We haven’t had it easy the past few years and I am so blessed to have you as my son; I know it hasn’t been easy living with three crazy emotional females, but you have been the reminder to me, stay grounded and try not to invest to much emotion into things that really don’t need it.  With my psychology background and my innate need to analyze everything, LOL I look for too many answers in everything.  It is human nature for us to look for those answers, and sometimes we will understand them right away and sometimes we won’t understand them for a bit.  One thing is for sure, this past trip we went on taught me a lot; it made me see how gigantic of a man you are becoming.  You will completely do great things for the one you love, even if it makes you uncomfortable, and completely takes you out of your element; not many can do that or will do that for another human being.   Don’t ever stop doing that, allow this step to be the first step of many you will take for other’s you care about; even if they don’t value it, because this is about you and your character.   I couldn’t pay for that in a son if I wanted, but that is who you are, and it is the greatest thing ever. 

One day, you will have your own home, your own car, your own family and you will be the one to decide how “it” will all turn out, but you can’t go out and buy loyalty, great values, truth, and courage~ those are all those things being tested in your life right now and you always pass.  I know with your age of almost 17 years old, it seems like you must have it all figured out right now; but you don’t; sometimes it is ok to just stay put and explore, stay around those you love, trust, and move smart rather than fast.  You really do have the world in the palm of your hand right now; enjoy your freedom and the reality that all those around you love and support you with all our heart and soul, and take all we can each individually offer to you, you deserve it. All the while you keep giving what you can back to others, and that is ENOUGH. 

Being disappointed in life is one of the hardest pills to swallow, especially when it comes from someone, we didn’t expect it from.  We then sometimes turn it around and we are disappointed in our self too; we start thinking about all the things we could have said or done differently.  I think one of the greatest things I learned from my own disappointments is the time and effort I have given to others who just didn’t appreciate it.  I know I have been disappointed in how I put trust and time in others, to only find out they were put in my life as a valuable lesson; but not to continue on with me on my next paths in life.  I don’t know why we must go through so many imbalances in our life, and why some of us have a crazier roller coaster than most; the only thing I can make sense of is that we are destined for greater things, and we will if we don’t allow our self to stay down for too long.  I know from plenty of experience God does NOT end certain things in our lives, unless he has greater things lined up and that is the truth.  It is true love is the greatest feeling on this earth; it is also the most painful, but so worth it. 

If there is anything we as a family have learned over all these years, is that we each deserve and will manifest happy relationships in our home.  I hope you will allow that in your life with joy and celebration, that is very important in our spirit; and I really hope you work hard and play harder!  I am proud of all your hard work in school it pays off, having a strong work ethic is one of the greatest things in life; because EVERYTHING requires work, self-love, and our relationships with others.  Every time changes in life happen, I hope you realize it is just a huge opportunity for another great big journey.   All the steps you have made so far, have been to build you, continue to trust yourself, and yes, yes you can trust others around you; your family is a testament to that. 

Closure is a difficult word, because we have no control of others, and it is really frustrating when things are left basically feeling like they are up in the air.  The best thing to do is stop pausing, stop napping, stop sleeping, STAY WOKE!  Get up,  LAUNCH YOU, and always speak up no matter WHAT.  Don’t ever walk away without saying what you need to!  Words are some of the most powerful weapons we have; use your words, and learn how to communicate them; start talking to everyone more; you will learn so much about yourself and them.  If anyone thinks they can shut you up; attack those barricades because what you think matters.  Keep all of us around you who push you to be better, who make you challenge yourself; don’t EVER back down!  The more challenges you face, the more you obstacles will make you better, I promise.  Always keep the respect though  I love you !


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