When your fire sign fights with your air sign~

You can be Too much fire, and when you are, my air instinctively will fan your flames, I know exactly how to increase the blaze!  Oh you think you are big all on your own, I can blow so strong we can watch us turn everything to ashes if we aren’t careful. 

How dare you allow soo much, knowing the power you hold that I have given you; and you think you win when you allow all that heat in my presence. I prefer the cool air my spirit is,  to allow my much needed peace; I have had full blown fires to deplete my world all my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the life force you create in my realm, I chose to ride this adventure you bring to my stillness, until you block me and all my essence with your flames.  When you make me feel I am nothing special, when you ignore my power that gives the strength to your fire.  You tend to make me out to be “nothing” but another breath that just blew on by you like any other before.  As if I am an ordinary wind, how would you know anything about the wind when all you do is burn.  You really think that a greater breeze awaits you and that you can replace what I give you?  You will see I guess, while you make my spirit feel I don’t belong, and take for granted all of who I am I will blow on in another direction; and every where I go my presence with show and grow while you burn and die.   

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