Stay off the Bandwagon

The topic of Black Friday came up the other day. Rico mentioned he didn’t know what “Black Friday” is. Black Friday here in America is an event that happens every year the Friday after Thanksgiving. The stores will cut prices on certain items for the day, and mass hysteria takes place at many stores because everyone wants to get gifts for Christmas with a huge bargain; and a lot of times the stores only have a limit on their quantity so everyone is rushing to grab what they want. So the day after everyone is Thankful for all they have; they literally go purchase more of items that they don’t really need with money they don’t have. People are really conditioned to live life with the temporary happiness motto. The consumer market has us fooled as always for the love of the mighty dollar. It is sad watching all the fights and stress that takes over, I have had my experiences when I was younger and impressionable myself. I wondered if Rico was trying to be funny, when he acted clueless. I was very proud to learn that Rico had never been a part of Black Friday since he spent most of his time working and staying focused on making money instead of spending it, which plenty of us learn when you have been giving life struggles to survive. Then there are those who grew up with less than others so they think making money will fulfill everything that wasn’t when they were growing up. We buy things that are basically made to be outdated by the time we walk out of the store with them. Our children go to school every day and spend most of their time with peers who make them believe they would be happier if they leveled up the other. I refuse to raise my own in the belief patterns that the world has made for us, in fact my son who is an honor roll Junior in high school has been without a phone for months now; he is humble and I am so proud, he doesn’t complain he just focuses on what he has not easy for kids in this day in age. We need to teach each other how to be happy with what we have righ now, there is NO thing that will bring us happiness; so why do we believe this.

I know the most important gift anyone can give me is being here, be present when you are with me. Listen to the words I say, watch my face light up when you share yourself with me, take note on how my eyes get sad when we share a pain. PUT THE PHONE DOWN, there is a person in front of us! Let us go fishing and be still next to me let us sit with one another as we quiet all the mental noise. Like the first kiss, the only way we can feel alive is found within our own self; there is nothing outside of us that will ever bring us to the place of feeling alive.

I started thinking about the way we are raising our younger generation, or are we, are they being raised by the media and internet. Google is every person’s best friend, people don’t even have to think anymore, tutorials will show you how to do everything. The media seems to be the mold of what is right and wrong, what is acceptable and unacceptable. It is so sad when I watch shows on Netflix and realize what they convey to be “normal” choices, the videos being made by our young, some of the morals I have held were developing when I was a child and I only had my examples in my physical environment to show me if it was something I wanted to adopt in my beliefs or not, in addition I was blessed with great family by my side guiding me with their own example. Yes, I love the occasional escape but it shouldn’t be the everyday way.
It makes me sad when I see our young generation think they are smarter than their own grandparents, parents, and elders just because they have the world of INTELLIGENCE at their fingertips; that is exactly why our world is falling apart. True intelligence is not memorizing facts, obtaining a degree, or being internet suave; true intelligence is wisdom gained throughout that only time can give us through trials and errors.
How can we really appreciate love and gain respect and trust for another, it is amplified after we realize when someone doesn’t. It seem the people who have really had it hard can really find the wisdom so much sooner in life, yesterday’s let downs are a great example of what we won’t allow now making way for a better quality of the now. When people don’t make us feel good in now, don’t bring them in the now. The people God bring in the now, may hold a valuable answer you need, enjoy it.

Why think, someone will tell us how to do it, in the meantime we fill our minds with constant noise that the world has told us what we must believe. We don’t perceive because we are too busy in the static watching videos while we wait, music playing always directly into our ear holes… Constantly busy, don’t even know how to relax enough to sleep. We get angry when someone drives faster, slower than us. It sets people off when people don’t believe what we believe, and passive aggressively attack over politics, religion, and different beliefs. We are told what to think, wear, buy, say, express. How many band wagons will you jump on. What will you allow to live in your head?

My dear Rico got rid of social media because he called it FAKEBOOK, LOL I told him nothing I put up is fake I just have different views I express; he said he knew he wasn’t talking about me, he said he couldn’t stand watching only the highlights of people life that he knew were just shitty people, he said he couldn’t stand the fake post people put up for a LIKE OR LOVE OR LAUGH, or the way people who only hear one side of the story jump on the I’m taking off my hoop earring bandwagon, and how people build relationships with others just to hurt another, games… I agree if It anything makes you mad take a break. Occasionally he gets on my mine to see what’s up, and always says, NO REGRETS getting off, LOL ! We need to take care of own thoughts!!! Life happens and the base line is NOT what you see, but how you feel, how long can we fake our own self?

If we continue to play into this fake life type of process, we will continue to see the new world and everything as it is becoming. Are you satisfied today, or are you banking and praying constantly in the moment that tomorrow (which doesn’t exist) has the answer. Are you holding onto something from the past and carrying that weight with you, allowing the past memories to tell you who you are. The past lives in each of us we can’t deny it, through fears, or past accomplishments we always want to live up to. The past is not the truth that is why so many people disagree on past experiences. The only truth is now, and today my truth is I am present and sober day 23!

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