Trust you!

We all grow with some amount of protection within us, for our own spirit and for those spirits around us who we truly love and we want to guard those that we love from all harm, harm we have been through and experienced. I feel it is my duty, it is a strong forceful call within to share my messages with others, and I truly believe the people who need to hear our message will be sent to us for their own enlightment and path to healing. I am proud to be a healer, someone who can heal others emotionally and use my positive spirit that is a gift from God himself. Each one of us has a true purpose here on this earth, we need to follow the path to our own journey; and sometimes that takes time to determine when there is so much “noise” in the world.

One of my favorite archangels is the Archangel Gabriel, ever since I started my journey writing I felt a connection to Gabriel; he is actually the angel of messages, so Gabriel the angel is always near by when I need assistance in certain messages that need to be communicated.

If you are reading this message today, it isn’t an accident today’s message for you, is about your judgment. You have your own calling inside, listen to that… it will lead to your purpose in this life, don’t be afraid of your beliefs, everyone believes in something different and it is ok to not follow someone else beliefs when inside yours are telling you something different.

There is a change in your life that has recently taken place, take note of all the changes and how they affect you and others. When you make a change in your life, it will have a ripple affect on those around you, but sometimes we need to make certain changes in order for things to work out differently in our lives. When we do things the same way each and everytime we also fail to see the big picture. Very often times people on the outside can see things we can’t and we think we know better because we are closer to the situation, but not necessarily so. The hardest thing to do is stop making excuses! Stop making excuses that feel comfortable to us, stop making excuses to keep us right where we are, because it is safer. When you feel you are losing yourself, or your light is buring out, you are letting go of your own power. I promise you change isn’t easy, but it will give you power and then, you will see something wonderful come back, your motivation.

You have to believe in yourself, and don’t let anyone tell you that what you feel is wrong for you. Speak up proudly as if you are blowing your message through a strong trumpet, the right people who support are those you keep around you. NO ONE knows what you need in this world more than YOU!

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