Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my daddy’s birthday, and I love him so much.  What many of you don’t realize is my daddy raised me alone in our home, and he did it with so much strength, dignity, and patience.


It was amazing watching you as a child, always working so hard, I always hated to see you leave especially when you would go out of town for work, because you were ALL I had, all I could depend on, and all I could trust in life.  I remember when you would leave, and I would sneak those letters into your overnight carry so you would think of me the way I was always thinking of you.  Thank you so much for working so hard at such a young age to provide for me, you hardly ever told me NO… and you made it all happen even if it meant going to the end of the earth to find stupid things I wanted like a cabbage patch kid with a certain birthday, to hysterical sound systems in my oh so beautiful brady bunch station wagon, and new rims because I’d drove a flat tire on one and bent it all up, or because I hit way too many curbs, and oh all the oil pans because I was always finding the speed bumps.  You never made excuses to me dad, and when you couldn’t I just knew it was the truth, you just couldn’t at that time; but I always believed in you and knew one day things would get easier for us all.

Thank you for being the kind of man and father that made me understand and love so much that all the other stuff didn’t matter.  I honor you for standing by my side consistently no matter what my crazy spirit chose to do, no matter what my creative mind had pondered up, and especially when the wild in me had to venture in all the places I shouldn’t have.  I love you for showing me LOYALTY, and showing me that no matter what I did, and how disapproving you may have been, you would never give up on me, you always fought hard to remind me who I really am.  I thank you for the clarity it may have taken time, but there is no question to my confidence in knowing who I am because you allowed me to explore even if it embarrassed you and you were the one with the daughter decked out in Madonna acting like a Vogueing star.  Today, there is woman in this world who trust in herself because you trusted in her first, that’s me; and I am so pleased!  I see it in my children and your gift just keeps giving, when I laugh and realize where all my goofy, loving, fun ways come from; and I am so blessed because not many get to see that side of you. 


Thank you for loving me so much that you made me KNOW I was worthy and no matter what nothing I did would change your mind. When we had problems in our relationship growing up, we went and talked about them; and it is so funny because I remember the biggest issue when we’d sit down, we just wanted to stop yelling; and we still can’t stop yelling.  I yell when I speak; it is just who we are… we can THANK GRANDMA for that 😀  Working on our “problems” showed me you cared, and not many people get that type of love; it wasn’t easy having a father who was in high school when I was born but I tell you what you are definitely the greatest father I have met to this day and you were MINE <3 ! 

 I appreciate all the fun times, concerts, shopping, trips, camping, dancing, bar-b- que’ing, laughing, dressing up every Halloween, get togethers, school field trips I loved when you would chaperone, and one of my all time favorites stopping and grabbing lunch somewhere; growing up with you was a blast, you were a young and fun dad!!

  Every moment you consciously put into success, I always remember when you would just come home and lie down on your bed for a bit to rest, it never lasted too long but I know you were tired; and then you made sure I had after school snacks while we watched Andy Griffith or The Beverly Hillbillies 😊every conscious effort mattered, and still does!  Thankful for my never-ending childhood enthusiasm because I don’t want to let go of one of the greatest times of my life with you.  I know everything we struggled through made me who I am today, and self reliance is not something we can just go buy.  I remember all the times life was so busy it was easy to feel lonely, but that is when patience and understanding was practiced.  It was never overwhelming, I know you had to work to provide, and I am sorry for those times I chose the wrong things to keep me entertained.  😉   Remember these great things dad it is often easy to forget who we are. 

Today on your birthday I hope you see everything you have accomplished, and know that we have come so far… and know you will always have me, who see’s you, love’s you, feels safe with you, and appreciates you~ all you have been all you still are, and all you have grown to be; your authentic self.  

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