and just for today~

Waking up one morning, you will make the change I am not just talking about physically going through the motions, I am talking about in your headspace, in your mind.  We will really grasp the reality of how things are and understand how we show up today is all that really matters.  When we want to make a significant change in our life, it is best to take note of all the tools that surround us to get us through it; sometimes it is rest, time with others, prayer, crystals, sometimes it is just time alone, reading, writing, exercise… we must make use of the tools we have to begin new practices while we become self-aware.

The best time to know where to go is when it is dark like it is during the New Moon, during the darkest times is where you will see glimpses of light, a path… a different way.  TAKE IT! Have you ever noticed how critical you become of your own self when you begin to take a different plan, it is never easy to level up.  One thing is for sure all problems can be solved when your mind is clear, have you ever noticed how different things look when you are intoxicated, how convoluted issues seem, how hurt you feel, how sad you get, how anger brings you to be someone you’d never recognize in a zillion years.  Have you ever hurt someone you loved so bad because you were in your intoxicated feels.  Lose respect for people because you see a side of them that isn’t them at all.  Yet, we believe that our truth is the truth just because of years of accumulated lies that have kept us feeling safe. 

We have to stop looking at the far distanced goal we so badly envision, and just practice what we need to do today.  Work on the life I want to live today, keep the friends I need around me today~ the ones who are on my page and want to ride this wave today with me, the choice to be kind to my body today and not feed it lies because it is easier.   Make a habit today, of waking up and smiling, letting go of the hurt, and judgmental parts of me that only see what is for me in this world.  Make a habit today of sharing my gifts with another soul.  Make the right choices to walk away from bitter and ugly spirits who knock others down and remind them of their weaknesses or shortcomings; and realize too yes I am weak a lot and to be stronger I will gain my strength by lifting up another loved one. 

~~~Michele Renee

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