National Daughter’s Day

What it is like to have daughter’s, it isn’t for the weak that is for sure. 😊
WE all stick up for own beliefs and truth’s so strongly; sometimes that isn’t always in alignment with mother and daughter. When you raise your daughters to have strong personalities and defend what they believe in; don’t be surprised when they fight hard to share their beliefs even with their parents may differ. I wouldn’t have it any other way, because it is important to always remain true to you. You are both perfect as you are today. I am just blessed we have shared open communication since you were youngins, and I hope you will continue to stick up for your beliefs, no matter how emotional we all seem to get. I love that we are always honest with each other, and I hope that will continue for all the days of my life. Please don’t ever stop sharing everything you think and feel with me, and I will always do the same. Life is hard for sure but NEVER for one minute lose that passion to be better at what you do every day; be the best YOU at what you love… and you will love your life. I love all your ideas I hope you will continue to share those with me too; and keep pushing mama like you all do; because you all have the confidence in me to be the best me every day at what I love too.

Happy National Daughter’s day to my 2 girls~~Marisa and Miley! You have no idea how much you both have taught me since you were born, and still to this day, you have always given me the courage and desire to do what is right for me! I am so glad we share the gift of intuition together, but at the same time, when the moments come that we really don’t want to listen; we always speak up about each of our feelings, and we still accept each other no matter what choice we decide to make in the end it’s either a blessing or lesson. I know growing up with you both by my side I would do so many things differently because you all deserve the best mom you each need, but more stuff I would actually keep the same because it made us exactly who we are. Thank you for being some little amazing spirits gifted by God who always make me independent and in check, doing what is right for me and our little family.

I also appreciate how thoughtful you are to me, I may not be able to afford all the riches this life has to offer ~ I dream of us doing so much more than my money allows.
I do promise you loyalty, understanding, humor, and love for all the days of our lives. Thank you for allowing me to be the social butterfly I am, and then switch (Gemini) allowing me to be the hermit that comes out of nowhere when life gets to rough. If there is one thing for sure I hope you learn from me, to be comfortable in your own skin, always speak your truth but be open to learn others truth’s, dust all the worlds judgement off your shoulders, and self care keep in the daily routine~ which I am learning too late at this stage in my life; keep practicing so young. Thank you both for illuminating my days.

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