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Take a look at my SITEMAP (below) for a quick glance at what this blog holds~

My blog will mirror my everyday living focus; it will include readings, video’s, pictures; my life and feelings. My pathway of learning with those I choose to; learning to express myself in the highest degree of creativity and love during my lifetime.


I am sharing personal moments both past and present.  I appreciate you taking time out of your life to see what’s going on with me; or giving me the chance to enlighten you in some way.  Thank you basically for believing in me.  Since my blog is very personal if someone comments, likes, shares, subscribes… we are forever bonded and you are special to me.  I love you!

My Motto~

Encourage others.

Remember the strong feelings and determination it takes to Overcome use my wisdom to assist others by pushing them to their greatest potential.

Remember I am a Survivor and remembering all the emotion one could only understand by being in that certain place when all you could do was look for hope.  Always keeping in mind how hard it is to find your courage at times and keeping a patient heart with understanding when others struggle to find their own.  Being a strong voice to attest that during the weakest times in life, we find our courage.   Encourage others to be proud of their  hard-earned courage never be ashamed; and remind those dear to me to use their courage in the future to keep them sailing through the hardest storms.


MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL remain focused on my forever journey~ Let go of Fear! and LIVE with laughter, forgiveness and full of love.  <3~ and remind others to do the same!

Blog ~ My love for writing all started back when I looked like this 😉

Thirteen years old was a time of  intense emotions, life complications, and feelings to intense to understand for a girl of this age.  I was blessed,  my parents loved me, cared for me, and were smart enough to  know that there was a need for me to find someone whom I could open up with and who would guide me; if I wouldn’t open up to them.  This was the  beginning of my relationship with my counselor /family therapist and where I would discover my love of writing.

There I sat, staring at some stranger who would ask me about my day.  Most of the time I really didn’t need to talk about my day, I needed to talk about the past few days,weeks, months, maybe years, and I couldn’t even begin to understand how to digest my thoughts and explain what I was feeling.  She asked about my interest, beginning with my favorite subject in school; and when I told her I enjoyed writing … she had an idea~

My therapist told me she wanted me to start writing; every time I was sad =write, each time something made me happy = write, each time I felt lost; abandoned, angered = write! I was told to just keep writing, as if no one would ever read it; (because no one has to unless I wanted to share with them).  I started to write; and I loved it =NO RULES; it didn’t have to make sense; and grammar/spelling didn’t matter!

So,  If I felt something, I wrote it,  whenever I felt it and however I felt it.  My moods shifted from basic journals to poem style writings, angry rants, dreamy and fantasy was always a must for my creative passions, pictures, everything I could entertain to express myself.  I love colors= feeling, mood was expressed in different colors, markers, style of written word as well. This journal=personal, and I loved that it was my rules and it was my outlet and became my sanctuary!

The wonderful beginning of a pattern was established and it was the force that allowed me to learn how to organize my own personal thought process that would eventually show me the value of good communication.  It was helpful that the development was allowed because I wasn’t at the time forcing myself to focus on the emotion of what I was sharing in front of someone I was just getting to know.  It felt easier to discuss how I felt during difficult times without actually reliving the moment.  I could concentrate on seeing the issues from a complete different angle; and I would often find solutions or understand my behavior on my own.  When we see and understand things on our own it is then we can understand why we make the choices we make and choose our present and future behavior.

When I was able to talk about what I wrote, what I was feeling at the time; I felt a magic wand had been placed in my heart, I begun to understand and realize the art of communication would be my newest passion.  She gave me the control by allowing me to choose what information I would feel comfortable sharing and the moment I was ready.  I would be amazed how simply communicating what I needed to; I would discover who I was.  Communication is one of the strongest ways we connect with another it can be extremely intimate.  My feelings my emotions came to life and made sense to a lot of unanswered questions. What began as a simple school spiral notebook of “me” and my thoughts became a 3 inch binder of dreams, rants, disappointments, hope, my life~

NO PRESSURE, If my writings weren’t understood to another or didn’t make sense as what i was trying to show or hide, it was perfectly ok because it wasn’t for anybody; but me and my self discovery!!!

Once you realize the why’s and where’s it is much easier to change our mind and our behavior, I felt so powerful.

Do you want to know something devastating one year someone who cared for me read it and it scared them, because they loved me; and they didn’t understand the writings.  They were afraid if I kept memories about sad things or events It would keep me there.  I don’t really know maybe a little part of them also didn’t want to acknowledge the truth~ those were my feelings and that is how I felt.  They threw my sanctuary away! My truth I felt was stolen and it took me a long time to trust and write again, I am talking decades!  I was so angry no person has such a right; I felt so powerless; just when I felt I was in control of something so important the threat I felt made me feel foolish for ever believing I had any power.  I felt like I was experiencing such a great loss; because a part of me was taken that I was not ready to let go of.  I felt bare of my essence and naked.

I am so glad I was able to get pass the hurt and allow myself to trust again and begin my writing, for myself. I feel one of the most rewarding things about writing is… looking back and realizing nothing is permanent; so no matter how difficult life seems just know it won’t stay that way forever.  If something feels so good so right; bask in it; because life really is short and the feeling will be a memory before you now it.

I aim for this blog to be a success!  A success to me is something I can look back on and be proud of, something I can share with others~ an entertaining read ~ and I hope to help another understand there are no regrets in this life.  Use every situation in your life to strive harder to find your individual happiness.  It is an awesome feeling to me, to go back and read something that I have overcome, it takes me back to all the intense feelings I have learned to let go of.  It leaves me in state of “AWWEEEOMG I not only wrote, lived,  this read, but I am stronger and wiser because of it.  It makes me proud to know each day is a new day for happiness.

I feel success when people read my thoughts and contemplate~ they start thinking about things in a way they never have before.  Even if it’s for a small moment of time, making someone~understand something in a completely different way; or make them think of something they never thought of before, or take someone to a place they have never been feels successfully powerful to me.

Success as a human being to me is making another soul forget about the unfavorable moments we are all forced to face,  and allow ourselves to stray, fantasize for just a few moments~ whatever we desire.  A few minutes of escape, meditation, centering ourselves; visiting with God and allowing our soul to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  It is amazing how that few minutes makes such a strong difference; sometimes it is all someone may need to get them back in boss mode.

Success is realizing you have taken another soul with you on a personal journal (as my blog is to me). When another soul connects with me and my blog I feel it is my validation I am doing what I was always meant to do.  When others enjoy and laugh with me during moments of this daily stressful thing we call life, while we may both be fighting our own personal battles,  but for a moment we are connected and I hope and pray that in some way I have reminded you; that life isn’t always comfortable but I will convey to you that you can do this, anything is possible with will and determination.   Having someone for a minute have compassion for another because they understand a little differently than before the read of my blog would be a definite success.  I know everyone I meet has something to teach me, and I hope to teach the most ultimate lessons there is to those I treasure.  Success is a feeling of complete awesomeness, you feel great like you want to skip throughout the day; but always remembering to remain humble; because the minute you bash another for their actions, or put yourself above another soul; life will quickly remind you; we are ALL a work in progress.

Blogging is unique each and every time; there has yet to be a set blog pattern that I feel that has ever been duplicated or replicated.  Each and every blog session is a unique experience and will have a unique finish. Each blog begins with different emotions, style is always expressed through those feelings and emotions; and each blog message and intent is a new Expression, all on its own.

There are blogs that I create for others~ many times it’s for those closest to my heart and soul, who are going through their own personal journey. There are blogs I share but were created just for me! Some times I need to remind myself of the truth, remember to follow my advice, and encourage my self…

Create from the heart; share from the soul, and do all those things I am passionate about that keep me in contact with my souls yearnings.

I appreciate the pathway & abilities a blog can take, establishing a connection (God’s plan and purpose) with those souls (you) that need whatever it is that you take from my blog to assist in your own specific journey. Embracing the unique relationship only writer and reader can understand is also an intimate connection that is created by mutual experiences or understandings.

Living a life receptive to spiritual assistance, focused on my connection to God.

I appreciate when I am out running errands and people are happy to meet me, hug me, see me again, and let me know in their individual way how they feel they share a feeling of connection with me after relating to a specific blog.  Reminding me, the simple act of sharing a laugh about my crazy antics and my family are a nice reminder; and my raw and real honesty about my own thoughts and humor I share about myself always lead to much-needed laughter on the daily.  Words of appreciation are my weakness, they make me feel loved and validate the fact I need to keep doing what I do.  I am usually surprised by the sentiment because those who follow me are also spiritual; and I think they listen to God whispering in their heart because it’s usually on the days/time I need to hear it the most.  I love to be reminded I’m a Superstar~even if I am the Mary Katherine of Superstars.


So, thanks again to the friends who take the time to email,  message, comment, or inbox me, while it’s usually on Facebook ~ I hope my followers will soar here; at my new place I am calling home.


Thank you to my friends and those who follow my blog and my life on other social networks it is what I have been working on most of my life; sharing Expressions that always lead others to their own greatness. Thanks to those who have taken the time to make a point to remain connected with me on my more established social networks; and for following me to my latest venture.  Thanks for the kudos’; It may seem like just a short comment or message you send but I hold them dear all those who let me know you enjoyed or laughed along with me.  Thanks for the funny shout outs that I am loved or thought about, and to those who let me know when I shared an experience or something intimate and how it helped or inspired them during a similar times in their life this is what it is all about.  It’s all about the beautiful human connection that drives me.

I do admit I dream more than the average person… It is an amazing feeling to be published~ even if its self published at this time.  In the past I was always encouraged to keep writing, my life’s heartaches would have a great purpose my stories would make a difference in lives… Dreams of writing books that would make a change in a great positive way. I still hang out on to my dreams and in the meantime I will never stop taking baby steps all along the way.

Blogging is actually therapeutic. If you are looking for a way to discover more of yourself try writing, it may work for you. Written communication, self-expression, acknowledge all you are, very powerful methods to assist in understanding your feelings and setting them on fire.   I can blog/write before I can talk sometimes; If someone touches me when I am feeling what I need to blog or understand better I will explode and it won’t be pretty.  If I am going to explode I would rather explode by blogging 😉 that explosion feels Beautiful!

In my wildest dreams my blog would have no limitations, it would be new, stylish, and exciting all the time and would never fall into a set theme.  It would be the Madonna of the blogs 🙂 always changing throughout the ages.

Blogging is sharing with the people who matter (my readers who choose to journey with me) all my passions which include :

  • God
  • Woman bonding /Sisterhood/ Friendships
  • Relationship Issues
  • Parenting
  • Art and all its various forms of expression
  • Music
  • Advocacy for those who most need an advocate, Education, Knowledge, Learning
  • Writing
  • Family and Traditions
  • Psychology, Self Improvement, Self Awareness, Pursuit of happiness, Life and its moments
  • Science, animals,
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Collecting & obsessing 😉
  • Makeup, Colors, Hairstyle, and Fashion as a form of expression

Working on my blogging goals…

1.) My written voice will be the voice of legends

2.) I don’t want to write to impress I want to write so people will read it and make them want to live and love themselves!  If not that; at least laugh! 😀 Let go~ even if it’s a little at a time.


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