Move that Dope Video

Mike Will Made It

Poppin’ bottles. Don’t it make you feel good? From ashy to classy. Don’t it make you feel good?”


Young niggas move that dope…A change in our time where the young are moving it the drug deals. I always tell Marisa she takes off after hours to visit her friends due to work, and she looks like a transporter 😉 moving the dope. 

The ol’ school peeps get older, get wise, and don’t deal drugs anymore. If you use the drug game to get ahead, you do it quickly and get out, fast, hustle, and then get out; refers to a sort of means to a way; but you don’t use it as a way of life.

Whippin the yam “yam” slang for drugs, normally cocaine. Whippin and flippin yam… Making it and selling it (like Flip-a-house). Yam is also heroin based filled balloons. 

Turn a brick into a lam (Lamborghini my favorite).

Keepn movn it smooth … Like a mink coat. Gold on the link (dealer goes in the trap houses wearing their gold chains) coke on the sink~ in the Trap house people go use and leave; there is always coke on the sink.

Choppin  that work like karate=pull up in the new rrari…

Future selling that work to buy a new Maserati, while riding round in his new Maserati…

weed barrels

Snatch it, then hide it from 12’s
Movin’ and squashin’ them bells~~~Movin and Squashn shrinking barrels of weed, 12~cops/popo

Making myself a boss and plug~ Plugs supply the goods, are their own boss have dealers and transporters working for them.

Triple salute niggas still trying to get out because the ones who appreciate it are those with the same struggles, you can make it outta the hood…the salute comes from someone who did.

Baking soda, water splash the scales~ CRACK COCAINE~ white powder cocaine mixed with water, dissolved in either ammonia or baking soda…when it is measured it splashes on the scales.

Fork in my right and my pride in my left
Leanin’ over, over to the side~~~ making the work; whipping up rocks, tilt the pot to get all the coke out.

whip me a fourway to a nine~~~~ Whippin up 4 oz of 9 oz of crack; it is how its done…

Fishscale is uncut cocaine

my niggas- my hijos (son in Spanish)

Pharrell ~ right after Pusha T; it’s a hard act to follow; so he had so really push out his best rhyme….

Me, I try to leave the best for later
But Pusha tried to put me on the respirator

The Gandalf hat and the weird ass clothes~ my favorite part of Pharrell is the costumes and weird shit he wears; it his signature… He was complete Vintage at the grammys…


These niggas is knocking over vehicles
These niggas ain’t waitin’ just to see niggas~ hustlers don’t wait around for people they go to the people and get their work done.  Don’t wait for the deal; go get the deal.

If you got two hoes, you need to let one go~ nothing will ever surface from this shallow thinking, smart niggas know the real deal; they learn and prosper ~You’ve got to focus and get eye-to-eye with one girl and take it a little bit more seriously.  Two lambo’s is also one too many; be real.

Eye in the sky~ DRONES

Big ass bag but no man sandals~word play here~ he has a big bag of weed; girls see it as a turn-off when men where sandals; they say… NO MAN SANDALS; but bitches love to wear their sandals.


migo~ another name for someone’s plug

REup buy all the drugs you can to resupply your supply

QuikTrip ’round the corner, dropped a nine~ Convenient store; quick trip to drop a nine.  (fifth, eighth, 8-ball, … 8 ball roughly $200)

Got the J’s in the hood tryna smoke a line~~ The junkies (customer)

J’s in my hood smoke that crack, say it give ’em hope~ makes them feel better; good and only in that state are they able to find hope ….


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