Video w/personal Expression

This video was made by myself; after a video of personal struggle that was discussed in length in another video for a project by Project Surrender.  Project Surrender was a project/group I was part of during the year 2013 .  I video taped individuals explain personal struggles they had been through.  The founder of Project Surrender would ask the person about the struggle; to encourage other women to come out of hiding and find they are not alone.  The photo’s for the videos were taken by  Lynn Blanco who became a good friend of mine while working on the projects for Project Surrender.  Blanco would take pics of the individual to fit the different mood or feelings they wanted to convey; she would edit and provide to me for the video I would then create for public display .  There were many other artist involved who would do hair and makeup for the individual before the taping of their video.  The struggle was then showcased for the public by video and picture gallery.  ****All Volunteers for the love of helping another soul!

After I discuss at length my personal struggle dealing with a past rape; my video ended with this video of me.

Here I am with a payphone the place I was taken right before I was raped.   I am dressed in clothes I don’t normally wear to portray the feeling of being released; I am saying I am no longer confined or scared.

Teenage Hand Model

I Was a Teenage Hand Model”
Cozied up to the toilet
Face stuck to the floor
I met expectations that I was tryin’ to ignore
Job had such patience
I wonder, what’s that like?
One hundred thousand million
But I hear that’s what you like
So I was thinkin’
So these cities are sprouting
Like a spit in the eye
And this world isn’t waiting
It’s just passing me by
I just peak in the window
Lookin’ inside
The butcher’s got a fork in your face
I’m standing alive
And I was singin’

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